Does Your Kia Come With a Spare Tire?

Flat Tire

It used to be normal to expect any car you purchased in the Federal Way area to come with a spare tire, but for the sake of fuel economy and trunk space, some vehicles no longer include them. Kia has recently started bringing back the compact spare (donut) tire to many vehicles. What happens if your Kia has a flat tire without a spare? That’s where the Tire Mobility Kit comes in.

What is a Kia Tire Mobility Kit?

A Kia Tire Mobility Kit is a type of tire repair kit that includes all the necessary tools and equipment you need to temporarily patch or repair your Kia’s flat tire when something happens on Sumner roads. Then, you can safely drive to your nearest dealership for a full repair or replacement of the tire.

Tire repair kits cut down your car’s weight, increase trunk space, and improve fuel economy while still keeping you safe. Inside your Kia Tire Mobility Kit, you’ll find:

  • Tire sealant

  • A filling hose

  • A compressor

  • A tire gauge

  • Necessary cables and hoses

Keep in mind that while the kit provides what you need for a quick patch, it isn’t a permanent fix. To keep driving safely in Puyallup, you’ll need to come to the Sunset Kia of Auburn tire center eventually.

How to Use a Tire Repair Kit

When you do get a Kia flat tire, use the tire repair kit by following these steps:

  1. Open the floorboard in your trunk to find your tire mobility kit.

  2. Find the tire valve stem, then attach the inflator hose.

  3. Turn on the unit — this will inject sealant into your tire.

  4. Inflate the tire with the compressor.

  5. Once driveable, make your way to your nearest Kia dealership for service.

Be sure to consult your owner’s manual for additional help and information specific to your vehicle.

Which Kia Models Have Spare Tires?

As we noted above, many new Kia models do include a spare tire now, including 2021 or newer model years of

  • Sorento

  • Soul

  • Telluride

  • Stinger

  • Seltos

  • K5

  • Carnival

  • Rio

Currently the Forte, Sportage, and Niro come with a Tire Mobility Kit.

Are There Still Kia Spare Tires?

Whether you drive an older Kia that never came with a spare tire, you’ve misplaced your jack, you need a new donut tire, or you drive one of the newer Kia models that doesn’t include a spare tire as standard, don’t worry! You can still find and purchase a Kia Spare Tire Kit, which consists of a spare and a tire jack if you’d rather have that instead of a Kia Tire Mobility Kit. Just contact our parts department for more information on this available accessory!

The Sunset Kia of Auburn Service Center Can Fix Your Kia Flat Tire

If you need to have your Kia’s flat tire fixed, schedule service at our service center in Auburn! We’ll be happy to help. If you have any more questions about Kia spare tires, don’t hesitate to call us and ask — we aim to be your personal authority for all things Kia.

Along with Warranty Protection for Life and Oil Changes for Life, being your #1 stop for Kia news and info is how we just give you more at Sunset Kia of Auburn.


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