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This is Phil Mitchell of the Sunset Auto Family.

First of all, let me personally thank you for your business. As You know, Sunset has been around for 100 years now.  A dealership does not last a century without loyal customers….so thank you.


We all find ourselves in some challenging times right now. Times filled with fear and uncertainly. All over the news, we see more and more businesses temporarily shutting their doors as a result of COVID-19. Many people are calling us worried about making their car payments due to concerns about when or even if…they are going to be able to go back to work.  We are listening to our customers, and I have personally contacted our lenders in order to help find a solution. The great news is we can help you here at Sunset.


The combination of the lowest interest rates I have ever seen, and the help of some local banks means we may be able to refinance your current vehicle at a lower rate and payment with no payments for 90 days or more*.Keep the vehicle you love, but take a break from payments while we get through these difficult times.


Some of you say you want to lower your car payment but need a different vehicle. We can help you with that as well. In most cases, we can get you into another vehicle at a lower rate and payment.*
Or, maybe you have a vehicle you are making payments on that you can really do without. If it fits our inventory needs, we will buy that vehicle from you and pay off your loan…on the spot.**  You’ll save on not only the car payment …but on auto insurance, fuel, maintenance, and repairs.


The best part is, by doing any of these, we can get you a 90 day, maybe even longer, deferred first payment. So, if you are not sure about your income and when you’ll be able to go back to work, you can at least rest easier knowing you won’t a car payment for three or even more months. By that time, things should have settled down with everyone back to work and school.


Another important thing to remember: We can do nearly all of this on line and over the phone for you. We will even deliver your next vehicle to you, and pick up your trade or the vehicle you are selling us. Which means you do not even need to come to the dealership, and risk unnecessary exposure during these times.


This is what you do for family.


Again, thank you for being part of the Sunset Auto Family. If you want to talk to me directly, feel free to call. I’d love to chat with you.


So, stay safe, stay healthy, this too will pass. We hope to hear from you soon


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Disclaimer: *All financing on approved credit. Term and rate may vary by customer. Cash down payment, if any, will be determined by the equity (or negative equity) in the customs trade. Lowering payment may be achieved by leasing rather than purchasing. Deferred fist payment may require a fee from the lender.. A negotiable doc fee of $150 will added to the selling price or cap cost of the vehicle**Vehicle make, model, condition, miles and other factors determine value and the amount Sunset is able to purchase your vehicle for. There is no guarantee that this amount will cover the total of the existing auto loan & leans