What is Kia Connect?

2023 Kia Carnival with Kia Connect

Since the 2023 model year new Kia vehicles have been equipped with Kia Connect. If you buy a used Kia older than that you’ll find the Kia UVO infotainment system. What’s the difference in Kia UVO vs. Kia Connect? Kia Connect is an updated, more robust connectivity app with more features than Kia UVO that will keep you in the loop when you’re driving Federal Way or Sumner. Find out more about the Kia Connect features with Sunset Kia of Auburn.



Kia UVO vs. Kia Connect Differences

The reason why Kia Connect has replaced Kia UVO is simple: technology has changed so rapidly that most Puyallup drivers ougrew Kia UVO. They’re ready for the increased functionality they’ll find in the Kia Connect features. Take a look at a selection of great Kia Connect features you can’t find in Kia UVO: 

New Kia Connect Features: 

  • Kia Stolen Vehicle Recovery System: assists law enforcement in the recovery process with location sharing and immobilization capabilities. 
  • Map Over the Air (OTA) Updates: monitors street conditions, traffic, and more to give you real-time updates about the best routes to follow around the St. Louis area through your infotainment map systems. 
  • Fully Refreshed Kia Access App: If you’re wondering how to use Kia Connect, you can access it through the touchscreen in your Kia infotainment system, and through the newly refreshed Kia Access App in your smartphone, which will allow you to remotely lock/unlock doors, adjust climate control, and much more through your phone or smartwatch.

How to Use Kia Connect

Kia Connect is simple to use and there’s a large variety of ways to use it, Here are just a few: 

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot 4G LTE: with connectivity for up to five devices. 
  • Enhanced Voice Assist: Control climate settings, steering wheel heat, your audio system and more through voice commands.
  • On-demand Find My Car with Surround View Monitor: capture images of the vehicle’s surroundings and then displays them in the Kia Access App or Kia Owner’s Portal. 
  • Connected Routing: This cloud-based system determines the best route using AI learning to predict and evaluate road conditions, given live monitoring and historical data.
  • Last Mile Navigation: walking directions for up to one mile away from your car through Kia Access on your phone.
  • Connected Weather: real time weather information for over 25,000 cities.
  • 911 Connect and Enhanced Roadside Assistance: If your airbag deploys, this system will automatically call 911 through a built-in modem. It can also connect you with 24/7 roadside assistance in minor emergencies.
  • Smart Speaker Integration: Use the smart speakers on compatible devices to remotely interact with Amazon Alexa 7 or Google Assistant and control certain functions in your vehicle like remote start.

Find Out More with Sunset Kia of Auburn

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Kia Connect to make your Auburn drives easier, just contact Sunset Kia of Auburn. We’ll gladly answer questions or even walk you through Kia Connect’s features. If you’d like to learn more about Kia vehicles and features stop by our Kia information hub


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