“Marry The Rig …Date The Rate!”

This is an easy enough concept to understand. It’s really simple, when the inventory (selection) is the greatest …the prices are the lowest.   Simple laws of “Supply & Demand” …Economics 101.

But here’s another economic certainly few think about:  While you are waiting for the financing rates to decrease (which may or may not happen anytime soon), your trade is depreciating at a much higher rate.

That’s why Sunset says:

“Marry the Rig …Date the Rate!”

Fall I love with a vehicle while the selection is the best and the prices are the lowest that they’ve been since pre-pandemic…and if the rates go down, simply re-finance the auto loan.  It’s just that simple.

The difference in finance rates is a dollar or two per day on your payment (on most vehicles/loans).  However, your current vehicle is depreciating much faster.  Waiting is costing you money.

Come see one of our “Matchmakers” at any Sunset Dealership and find just the rig you want to marry.

“Marry the Rig …Date the Rate!”