Electric Vehicle FAQs

2022 Kia EV6 Grille

Auburn drivers aware that there are electric versions of popular models like the Kia Soulor Kia Niroare often full of questions about electric vehicle benefits. Is it expensive to maintain an EV? Are EVs reliable? The latest electric vehicles don’t just reduce emissions but have long-term benefits. Sunset Kia of Auburn clears the air on EV questions below!

Electric Vehicle Benefits for the Environment

Although you are technically part of the environment, it’s worth noting that electric vehicle benefitsaren’t limited to reducing your net emissions, but extend to your pocketbook. Chiefly, owners of electric vehicles will save on maintenance costs, as things like oil changeswon’t be necessary all the time. Add up regular oil and gas-related maintenance costs over time, and you’re looking at a big chunk of change! Here are some other ways that EVs save money for Federal Way and Sumner drivers:

  • Consistent Performance: Electric motors give you the satisfaction of almost-instantaneous torque. A lot of troubles with engine performance on gas engines don’t apply to electric vehicles. 
  • Quiet Rides: It takes a little getting used to, but the benefits of reduced noise pollution on EV models can’t be underestimated.
  • Renewable Energy: As more forms of renewable energy expand in popularity, all can be used to generate electricity. 

Are EVs Reliable? 

With all those benefits considered, are EVs reliable? Many Puyallup drivers ask us how they will be able to charge their EV at homeon the regular. The good news is it doesn’t take as long to charge as some may suspect. In fact, we usually compare EV charging and care to taking care of a nice smartphone. Keep it charging at home so you can take it out whenever, keep the software up to date, and you’ll be golden.

Do I Need a Charging Station? 

One of the upfront costs you’ll want to invest in is preparing your home for an EV. This option gives you independence and reliability, so it’s a common option for EV owners. You want to research exactly what charger will be best for your vehicle, as there are different charging levels. 

Is It Expensive to Maintain an EV?

Is it expensive to maintain an EV? As noted above, there are many maintenance tasks for gas vehicles or even hybrid vehiclesthat don’t apply to EVs. Say goodbye to maintenance tasks associated with internal combustion, from oil changes to:

  • Spark Plugs
  • Belt replacements 
  • Gasket replacements 
  • Cooling system flushes

This means that electric vehicle benefits are truly long-term. The biggest maintenance tasks for electric vehicles are keeping your software up to date and keeping it charged.

Check out Electric Vehicles at Sunset Kia of Auburn

We couldn’t be more excited to help Auburn-area drivers learn more about EVs at Sunset Kia of Auburn. With awesome models from the Niro EVto the EV6, there’s a wide variety of EVs to choose from. Contact usto set up an appointment to learn more about our EVs and our exclusive Warranty Protection for Life!


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