Identity Maxx

5 Years of IDENTITYMAXX Included With Every Purchase



Sunset Auto Family has partnered with IDENTITYMAXX to help protect you from the #1 crime in the world.

Thanks to this partnership, “Relax, You’re Covered” is taking on a whole new meaning. Did you know that the Sunset Auto Family home to the only Data Breach Compliant dealerships in the Puget Sound area? Plus, we are also the only ones to include 5 Years of IDENTITYMAXX‘s Identity Theft Recovery for you and your family when you purchase any new or used vehicle from Sunset. You just get more at Sunset, and people DO like that.

Why is working with a Data Breach Compliant dealership important? Most customers finance or lease their vehicle from a dealership. This means at some point there is an exchange of personally identifiable information (PII) – such as name, address, phone number and social security number. If this information is miss-handled, then the customer is put at risk.

Aren’t there regulations in place to protect customers? Yes, The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act- (11/12/1999) was set up to protect the Privacy of Consumer information, and it set standards in place for how your PII should be handled. Most businesses, especially auto dealerships do the bare minimum to meet these federal guidelines, and this is putting countless people at risk.

This is where IDENTITYMAXX comes in, and why the importance of working with a Data Breach Compliant business cannot be stressed enough. IDENTITYMAXX put together a rigorous 8-step certification process to ensure businesses are going above and beyond to protect your information. Going above and beyond for our customer’s is kind of our thing – It started with Oil Changes For Life, then came Warranty Protection for Life and now our partnership with IDENTITYMAXX.

Not only are we doing everything we can internally to protect your information, we are looking after you and your family for the next 5 years by providing you with Identity Theft Recovery & Restoration from IDENTITYMAXX. This service provides you and your family with FULL ADVOCATE coverage for 5 years after you purchase your vehicle. The best part is, we do not need the date of birth or Social Security Number of your family in order to provide them coverage.

You just get more at Sunset, and people DO like that.


IDENTITYMAXX is the most comprehensive monitoring and recovery program in the industry. They provide their clients (you and your family) with a Full Advocate in the event of a breach. We want the best for our customers and they are the best.

A Full Advocate does all the work for you during your Recovery and Restoration. Assisted Advocates will only give advice and reimburse costs, The bulk of the work is left to the customer.

5 years – Yes you can extend it for an additional cost. Contact our dealership for more details on how you can extend your Identity Theft Recovery & Restoration coverage.

There are several ways someone can use your Identity. Almost all of them leave you with costly bills, damaged credit and even warrants for your arrest. IDENTITYMAXX will assist you in the event of

  • -IRS Fraud
  • -Medical Fraud
  • -Criminal Fraud

No system is guaranteed to prevent 100% of Identity Theft. They can only protect against it and lower your risk.

No, the included Identity Theft Recovery & Restoration only provides you with a Full Advocate in the event that you are a victim of Identity Theft. However, you can purchase Identity Theft monitoring. Contact our dealership for more details on how you can extend your coverage.

IDENTITYMAXX has Unlimited Stay Fixed Lifetime Guarantee.

Still Have Questions? Please contact our dealership.