What is Good Mileage On A Used Car?

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When you’re browsing used car inventories in the Federal Way area, in addition to looking at the car’s physical and mechanic condition, you’re likely taking mileage into consideration as well. While some drivers may suggest avoiding a used car with 100,000+ miles on it, high mileage doesn’t always equal poor quality. If an automobile has been well-maintained, it can still be a good purchase. Keep reading to learn more about what to look out for when buying a used car with Sunset Kia of Auburn. 

What’s the Smartest Way to Shop for a Used Car? 

Sumner drivers who are shopping for used cars should take the following things into account, in addition to mileage: 

  • How much the vehicle has been driven–A car driven for 75,000 miles in stop-and-go traffic will wear down more quickly than a car driven 75,000 miles on the highway. You’ll want to be sure to obtain the previous owner’s driving history before you buy. 
  • Where the car was previously driven–Cars driven in dry, warm climates experience less strain than vehicles in locations with cold and wet climates. 
  • The condition the car is in–Have a certified mechanic inspect the vehicle for any mechanical problems or rust. You’ll need to incorporate these repair costs into your budget. 
  • How well the car has been maintained–Check the vehicle’s maintenance history to make sure that it’s up-to-date on routine services like oil changes. Cars that haven’t been serviced regularly can have expensive problems down the line. 

How to Choose a Car Based on Mileage 

There’s no straightforward answer to the question, “What is good mileage on a used car?” because many factors are considered. Instead, it’s best to think about how much mileage you want to get out of the used vehicle. A car that has 50,000 miles and is in good condition is likely a solid purchase. Although, a cheap used car with 100,000 miles can likely last you another four years if it’s in a good state. The average Sumner driver clocks about 12,000 miles per year, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when comparing mileage vs. age. 

Mileage vs. Age 

Buying a newer car with high mileage may well be a better choice than an older car with low mileage. Here are some things to consider when buying: 

  • Even if a car hasn’t been driven regularly, it can still have higher repair costs due to mechanical issues or problems with rubber seals and gaskets that arise from a car sitting for extended periods.
  • A vehicle with a well-documented maintenance history is always preferable to one that hasn’t been routinely serviced.
  • Vehicles with low mileage typically have higher price tags. 

If your goal is to purchase a like-new, low-mileage vehicle, you should consider a certified pre-owned model

Shop for High-Quality Used Cars for Sale Near Puyallup

As you can see, there’s a lot more than mileage to consider when purchasing a used car. At Sunset Kia of Auburn we carry a large selection of used vehicles, and we make sure that each vehicle on our lot is in good condition. Plus, when you shop with our dealership, you can take advantage of our exclusive perks like Warranty Protection for Life, Oil Changes for Life and Sunset Auto Used Car Reconditioning! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (253) 891-6675


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